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    Rancho Humo Estancia

    Rancho Humo Estancia is located within a private reserve in Guanacaste, just 3 hours from downtown San José and extends for more than 1069 hectares (2641 acres) in one of the last private protected natural areas of Guanacaste and one of the most important Blue Zones in the world: the Nicoya peninsula. This is where wildlife thrives, lives, and roams freely over plains and natural forests to meet the oldest, most traditional, and most authentic communities in the entire Nicoya Peninsula.

    Rancho Humo was transformed from being an ordinary cattle farm to becoming an international example of private wetland rescue management where you can experience and live within numerous ecosystems: mangroves, wetlands, Tropical Dry Forest, pastures, a great variety of flora and fauna, including, among many others, the jaguarondi, congo monkeys, other monkeys, peccaries, herons, hawks, ducks, roseate spoonbills, storks and the largest and most exotic aquatic bird in Costa Rica: the jabirú.

    In addition to the captivating landscapes, Rancho Humo is a ranch where you can experience the culture of a traditional and picturesque town: Puerto Humo. In addition, we plan to become a model of sustainable development both locally and internationally, with a great emphasis on maintaining the natural environment.

    Villa Los Salom

    We have decided to offer our property to those who visit us, so that they can experience with their groups the hospitality that has always characterized us, combined with a fantastic environment full of life, magic, tradition, nature, culture and the purest essence of what it is to live in a Blue Zone.

    We invite you to:

    • Take walks through the exuberant nature around the village.
    • Take guided tours of more than 25 km of dikes that surround our wetlands and stop at chosen points to appreciate the fauna and flora of this ecosystem, while witnessing the important sighting of migratory birds that make of Rancho Humo a temporary home every day.
    • Relax with a boat tour on the Tempisque River and feel the breeze and life that flow through the mangroves.
    • Hire our catering service and enjoy a lovely experience with a snack, breakfast, lunch or dinner at a natural outdoor location on our property.
    • Visit our pop-up store that is open so that our local neighbors can sell some of their traditional products exclusively to our visitors. This facilitates a cultural exchange that will enhance the tourism experience for both locals and visitors.