Rancho Humo Estancia

Rancho Humo Estancia, is located inside a private reserve in Guanacaste, just 3 hours from San Jose downtown and spread over 2642 acres in one of the ultimate Protected and Nature Conservancy Lands across Guanacaste and in one of the most important blue zones of the world, The Nicoya Peninsula. This place is where wildlife thrives and roams freely over the true wilderness.

Rancho Humo was transformed from a cattle farm into an international example of wetland rescue where you can experience numerous ecosystems: mangrove, wetlands, dry tropical rainforest, pastures, a large variety of flora and fauna including herons, black crowned night herons, hawks, ducks, roseate spoonbills, wood storks, and the largest and most exotic aquatic bird in Costa Rica: The Jabirú.

Aside from the captivating scenery, Rancho Humo is the hacienda that offers the culture of a traditional and picturesque town, Puerto Humo. The project is envisioned to be a strong model for sustainable development both locally and internationally with a large emphasis in sustaining its natural surroundings.

Mission Statement

To develop Rancho Humo’s potential as an authentic blue zone based resort community that adheres to and promotes the region’s principles of health and wellness, for the benefit of its residents and visitors.

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