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welcome to ranch AND FACILITIES

Our charming villa has grown from the original house of the owner’s hacienda, spreading to new wings added with spacious and comfortable rooms, designed and decorated to recall the natural sanctuary that surrounds it as well as the traditions of the Sabaneros and the authentic lifestyle of a typical Guanacaste hacienda.


Accommodation at “The Ranch” includes a continental breakfast for up to 10 people maximum.

Given that our family group has received a first level hospitality education, we are pleased to offer you catering services both in the villa and outside of it, with pre-established menus that seek to offer you a culinary experience from what is most native and indigenous to what is most sophisticated and exquisite, accompanied by unforgettable service. We can then expand your breakfasts, as well as offer lunches, dinners or canapés at both the villa and its surroundings. Check out our menus.

You can also receive a Magic Hour service both in our bar and in different places of our extensive property. This consists of a one-hour service of consumption of beers, cocktails, wines and non-alcoholic drinks accompanied by three canapés per person.


We offer you the villa with 5 bedrooms, 3 junior suite style for two people and 2 family rooms for 4 people. They all have their own bathroom, excellent amenities and the junior suites offer attractive balconies with spectacular views over grass plains and protected wetlands. Also, we can add, at an additional cost, 2 junior suites and 3 standard rooms, all with bathroom and the same amenities, which gives a total of 10 rooms available.


Spacious hall and terrace hall, ideal for family and group gatherings, as well as a meeting point in a cozy atmosphere.


Guanacaste is the warmest province in Costa Rica, so do not think twice and take advantage of our pool area. Soak in and cool off in the water or just relax in the sun while you tan. Walk through the gardens full of trees and ethnic plants that flourish and beautify this area. In addition, you can take advantage of the grill for a delicious barbecue.


We have a fully equipped kitchen for you to prepare your food and enjoy it in an elegant spacious dining room, with spectacular views of the property’s gardens and the wetlands that can be seen on the horizon.


We have prepared a bar area so that you can enjoy your favorite drinks, organize different private tastings, listen to music to your liking or entertain yourself with satellite television programming.


Around the villa and just minutes away, you can walk quietly through the Rancho Humo property, get in touch with nature, its sounds, our people, its traditions, our farm, Puerto Humo, and thus experience the sense of life in a Blue Zone. Livestock is an important part of the economy and culture of the area. We own a farm dedicated to fattening cattle and the dairy business. Per year, we can have 700 to 1000 head of cattle for these activities, which is why we employ many people in the area and our sabaneros who have been with us for many years and who are already part of our family. We offer different activities for our guests with the purpose that they can experience more closely everything that Rancho Humo offers.