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Get to know the Blue Zone

The Nicoya Blue Zone in Costa Rica located in the vicinity of our Estancia is one of five regions in the world that has been identified as a “blue zone”. This specific area is located on the Nicoya Peninsula in Puerto Humo. Research on longevity and quality of life in this region has revealed healthy living patterns and environmental factors that contribute to its inhabitants living exceptionally long and healthy lives. The exclusivity of the Nicoya Blue Zone lies in its uniqueness and the valuable lessons it offers for a full and long life. This makes it a special attraction for those looking for products, services or experiences that align with the principles of well-being and longevity, thus creating unique opportunities to live this warm experience with us.


We belong to an essential town of what is the Blue Zone of the Nicoya peninsula. Puerto Humo, originally, was founded by Mexicans and Cubans at the beginning of the 19th century, who were dedicated to hunting crocodiles and birds. Later, they left this activity behind and focused their efforts on making the port an important point for the mobilization of people from the interior of the Nicoya peninsula to the province of Puntarenas. Today it is a picturesque and ancient town within the Blue Zones of the Nicoya peninsula, with a population of approximately 200 inhabitants, most of whom have their own businesses in livestock, agriculture, trade and services such as tourism

Cattle raising and agriculture

Cattle raising and agriculture is an essential part of the culture of the area and also the main source of economic income for its inhabitants.

Rancho Humo has beef and dairy cattle. Currently, the semi-extensive livestock technique is being used, which consists of releasing the herd within a different section each day in order to make the most of the available grass, without the need to resort to additional food for its development and maintenance, thus guaranteeing grazing cattle. There are also pigs, sheep, chickens and vegetable farms.


The ranch has an underground water resource of optimal quality and purity.

Water is a reflection of the health of its environment, which is part of three ecosystems: wetlands, mangroves and Tropical Dry Forest, all at the epicenter of the largest Blue Zone in the world.

Guests staying at the estancia (ranch) will be able to experience the benefits of its consumption, showers and immersion in pure spring water from a Blue Zone. It is proven that its use and consumption improves the immune system and helps the body to free and cleanse itself of toxins and bacteria, due to the composition of spring water, which is rich in calcium, iron, magnesium, sulfates and that with its neutral pH enhances the absorption of its nutrients.

To fully enjoy and take advantage of the Blue Zone, the following pillars govern us:

Move naturally. Centenarians of the Blue Zone live in environments that push them to perform natural movements or simple daily physical activity.

Always have a purpose. Waking up in the morning with a purpose is worth up to seven years of additional life expectancy.

Reduce the revolutions of your thoughts and activities. The longest-living people in the world focus on routines that help to get rid of stress and cultivate a calmer mindset.

Eat healthy and with what is necessary. The best foods for longevity are vegetables and greens such as spinach, green beans, chayote, corn, beets, honey, and cabbage. Combined with seasonal fruits and vegetables, whole grains and beans, they are healthy options that dominate Blue Zone meals year-round.

Enjoy a sunset toast or a gathering with family or friends. Moderate drinkers have been found to live better than non-drinkers, especially if they share those drinks with the ideal company.

Have your sense of spiritual belonging. Attending religious services four times a month, regardless of denomination, adds up to fourteen years of life expectancy.

Put your loved ones first. Those who have become centenarians almost always put their family first, keeping their elderly parents and grandparents close, committing themselves to a life partner, and investing in their children.

Choose your tribe correctly. The world’s oldest people choose or were born into social circles that support behavior similar to theirs.