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A Special Place For Health & Wellness

An additional 60 hotel villas will be built on the hill that overlooks the Tempisque River and
the Palo Verde National Park, on what used to be the old camping site.
The existing visitors center near the Rancho Humo Estancia Hotel will also serve as a
Community Center for guests and residents.
74 hectares known as the “Santuario de Aves” have been set aside for no more than 100
residential lots. Homes built on these lots will be for full or part time residents and short-term rentals as well. Rancho Humo has obtained the required environmental impact and
permits for this new development.
The existing small dock on the Tempisque River will be expanded and upgraded to
accommodate additional boats and guests.
Rancho Humo extracts mineral water for guests and visitors from a 95 meter well located
on site. This “agua mineral Artesana” is famous for its high content of calcium and
magnesium. The bottling operation will expand to permit Rancho Humo to produce for its
growing community and sale to the public.

A Center To Promote Active Lives With Purpose

Rancho Humo will promote connection with the land and wildlife, walking, physical activity
and social relations among its members and residents as well as day visitors.
At the community gardens and farmer’s market.
As volunteers on tours, with farm chores, maintenance of the nature reserve and walking
paths, surveys and humanitarian assistance projects in the Nicoya Peninsula.
At Rancho Humo’s animal farms – cattle, goats & deer.
On day trips to national parks, beaches and other tourist sites in Nicoya.

A Center For Health & Nutrition

Rancho Humo will promote nutrition, healthy eating habits and a Nicoya blue zone style
Farm to Table Nutrition:
• Nutrition from local farmer’s markets and on-site grown vegetables, legumes, fruits and
• Nutrition from RH’s and local animal farms.
Rancho Humo’s Proprietary Mineral Water and Craft Beer:
• On site extraction, bottling and sale of Rancho Humo’s proprietary mineral water,
• Off site bottling of craft beer “Rancho Humo”, with its mineral water.

A Natural Wildlife Habitat

Rancho Humo will continue to be a resilient and sustainable natural habitat and refuge for
regional, migratory and local wildlife.
Land currently set aside and managed as a nature center will remain so. Any and all
development will be subject to stringent environmental impact restrictions. Residents and
visitors will participate in the conservation of this territory as volunteers side by side with
the experts.

A Friendly, Caring And Interrelated Community

Rancho Humo’s community center will be the center of the community where residents
and visitors can participate in group activities, meetings, friendship and learning.
Community kitchens where residents and visitors can cook for their families and friends
with assistance from students and professors at Grupo Interamericano’s culinary school.
Sports and exercise – swimming, yoga, walks.
Friendly championships – dominos, Ping-Pong, fútbol (soccer).
Group nature walks and social groups.

A Site For Spiritual Engagement And Enrichment

Rancho Humo will promote spirituality and the wisdom of the ancients:
• Invited guest speakers.
• Group meditation.
• Ancestral ceremonies and rituals.

A Place For Study, Training And Scholarship

Grupo Interamericano is one of Central America’s premier institution of learning. Its
expertise will help develop Rancho Humo’s potential as an ideal location for learning,
scholarship and investigations.
Courses in nutrition, bird watching, astronomy, organic farming, alternate energy, global
warming and conservation of protected lands.
Invited scholars, lecturers and conferences.

A Place For Unique Tours And Activities

Tours and activities for residents and visitors immerse participants in the principles of a
blue zone lifestyle. They complement the “Safari Tour” and “Boat Tour to Isla de Pájaros”.
For example, the following tours are in planning stages:
• The blue zone lifestyle.
• Day trips to Palo Verde National Park, the Isla de Pajaros and other protected areas in the
Nicoya province.
• Organic gardening and nutrition.
• Bird watching.
• Night sky astronomy.
• Group walks with animals.

Integration With The Puerto Humo Community

To the extent allowed by its 200 residents and elders, the neighboring small community of
Puerto Humo will be integrated with Rancho Humo.
The town can offer a local restaurant with a Blue Zone menu, a plaza by the river for
friendly get-togethers, local coffee and fruit beverages, employee housing, a site for
backpackers, a crafts and souvenir shop and walking trails. Grupo Interamericano’s existing
policy to hire, grant scholarships, train employees and buy goods and services locally from
Puerto Humo and nearby towns, has been instrumental in developing Rancho Humo’s
excellent reputation and acceptance as a worthy member of Nicoya’s community.