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Flora and Fauna

At Hacienda Rancho Humo, in addition to large areas of wetlands, there are fragments of Tropical Dry Forest and strips of mangrove bordering the Tempisque River. Previously, the main activity that took place in Rancho Humo was cattle raising, but today, the ecosystems, after more than 15 years, have undergone a transition process to become a site of conservation and regeneration that begins with the implementation of practices for the development of ecotourism. For this reason, establishing the species composition of taxonomic groups at the beginning of this process was extremely important. This not only helped the restoration of the ecosystems present at Hacienda Rancho Humo, but the study of the changes that occurred during the transformation. In accordance with the purpose of the owners ‒regenerating the wetlands and other ecosystems present – a Management Plan has been developed for which the above-mentioned inventory aims to expand the knowledge of the ecosystem components and the regeneration process.

The data collected correspond to the taxonomic groups of: plants, aquatic macroinvertebrates, terrestrial insects, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals.